Red Hat Learning Subscription

Lead UX designer & developer


The Red Hat Learning Subscription offers paid participants the option to have access to all or most of the Red Hat online courses and exams


To improve the customer journey and better represent the value of the program




RHLS is one of the top most visited pages on and RHLS is responsible for a large portion of the company's revenue. The program is constantly evolving and it's important to serve the most relevant information to the subscribers and the potential buyers. Some of the new features the curriculum teams wanted us to incorporate into the page included a developer tier and a 7-day free trial widely promoted by the marketing channels.

Questions asked

  • How can we better incorporate the newest features?
  • Do we provide enough details for each subscription tier?
  • Is the content displayed in the relevant order?
  • Should we drop the content that has low engagement?
  • What information is appropriate for the FAQ section?

What had been done

Subscription boxes are reordered to appear much higher up on the page. Some of the content moved into the FAQ section, significantly reducing the page length. Better visual representation of the subscription tier boxes. Overall lighter color scheme and new icons to keep up with the new brand standards.


  • The new 7-day free trial offer gets over 10% of visitor's clicks
  • Enterprise and Individual tabs have a lot of engagement
  • The regional drop down gets almost 2X the previous rate of engagement
  • Login gets most of the clicks, over 50% (users were not easily able to find and log in to their subscription
  • After the new design launch the page is generating a much higher volume of registrations than normal